Finer Womanhood

“Ours is indeed a wonderful organization. No Greek-letter organization has a greater movement than ours

– Finer Womanhood.” Soror Venetia E. Nichols, 1923.


Unique to Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is the ideal of Finer Womanhood, which became a trademark in 1923 with the celebration of Finer Womanhood Week. In recent years the event has expanded to Finer Womanhood Month, which is celebrated during the last full week in February until the end of March. Each chapter plans its own programs which may include a religious service, a week emphasizing the standards, morals, customs, and attributes of fine women. Some chapters recognize an outstanding woman in their community based on such criteria as scholarship, religious activity, community service, and character.

Each year, Tau Delta Zeta honors the requirement that all Zetas rededicate themselves to the Sorority’s ideals by hosting a Rededication Service. During the service, members reaffirm their commitment to Zeta. Historically, Tau Delta Zeta also celebrates Finer Womanhood Observance by worshiping at the church of a chapter member and dining together immediately following the service. This year, Tau Delta Zeta observed Finer Womanhood with the following activities:


Sapphire & Pearls: The Luxe Edition I

In celebration of Zeta’s unique principle of Finer Womanhood, in the Luxe Edition I, the Ladies of Tau Delta Zeta were given the sweet sounds of a variety of empowering songs.  Each member was asked to submit a song that gets her through hard times. These songs were later compiled and distributed as a nice memento of a wonderful bonding activity.


Sapphire & Pearls: The Luxe Edition II

As the second part of our Finer Womanhood Observance, the Luxe Edition II event was a time for bonding and allowed chapter members to truly ’feel like Finer Women’ and have fun.  Chapter members spent time relaxing and bonding at Let’s Dish in Columbia, Maryland.


Worship Service – Sisterly Love

Sorors enjoyed a wonderful worship service at People’s Community Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland on Sunday, March 20, 2011.


Zeta’s Phinest Awards

Finer Womanhood observances culminated with the presention of several awards to chapter members who exemplified our sorority’s ideals.  The Zeta’s Phinest Awards were presented in the following categories:  Sisterly Love to Soror Careese N. Gonzalez and Soror Minister Teraleen R. Campbell, and Finer Womanhood to Soror Careese N. Gonzalez.  Congratulations sorors!